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Depression Counselling Sydney

When It Comes to Depression Counselling, Sydney Counsellors Are Here to Help

When it comes to depression counselling, Sydney residents may not fully comprehend how serious depression can be or how much the right counsellor and type of counselling can make a difference. While the vast majority of people have at least heard of this type of counselling or may even have family members or friends that have sought this type of help, very few understand what is has to offer. Some may even feel that there is a certain stigma attached to seeking this type of mental health care.

Put simply, depression counselling can be described as a form of mental health care or therapy that is intended to help people who are suffering from mild to moderate levels of depression. This type of counselling is also used in combination with different medications to help those who are suffering from severe and clinical depression over a longer period of time. Typically it involves a minimum of one session per month lasting for a full hour. Those with more severe depression may need more sessions per month to help them achieve their goals.

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