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About Me

Tom Gross has been a practicing psychologist in Sydney for thirty years. For the last 20 years I have been in practice in the CBD and for ten years prior to that I worked in Community Health Centres, in Drug and Alcohol Centres and the public hospital system.

I graduated from UNSW in 1979 specializing in CBT. Since that time I have trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy with ANZAP, as well as in many short courses and in individual consultation with a number of Sydney’s top psychotherapists.

Over the years I have also had a keen interest in the body and the way we manifest our stress in a physical manner- ie. how the body “carries” and expresses the stresses which shape us. To that end I have studied yoga at the Oki Yoga Dojo in Mishima, Japan and have also completed a four year training in the Feldenkrais Method- a method of looking at how we carry stress in our body and how, through appropriate movement those stresses can be released.

I also have a keen interest in music, film, literature and believe in the restorative  and healing qualities of the arts in helping us understand ourselves and feel a sense of joy and pleasure in life.

As well as being a psychologist I also treat patients referred for physical issues under my qualification as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

I have been a full member of the Australian Psychological Society for the past 20 years.

With an appropriate referral from a GP fees can partially be reclaimed from Medicare for up to 10 sessions per year.

Alternately fees can be supplemented by rebates from private health funds.

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