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Addiction Psychologist Sydney

Overcoming a Lifetime Struggle with the Help of an Addiction Psychologist in Sydney

When you or a member of your family suffers from an addiction, whether it is to alcohol or drugs, everyone suffers. Sadly, many people are under the mistaken impression that addictions such as these are predominantly physiological, meaning that the person has nothing more than a physical addiction to the substance in question. Whilst there is no doubt that the human body can and will develop such an addiction, a skilled addiction psychologist in Sydney will tell you that an addiction is just as much a mental issue as it is a physical one.

Going into a detoxification centre can help you get through the physical effects of ceasing to indulge in your addiction. If at the same time you do not receive the appropriate level of psychological support and therapy, you will find overcoming your addiction to be more difficult. While some addicts have the ability to stay sober on their own, many will do better with professional help.

Quite simply put, in order for you to overcome your addiction, you need to spend time working with an addiction psychologist from Sydney. During your sessions the counsellor will work with you to find out what caused you to start down the road to addiction. As an addict, you must understand where your addiction started before you can successfully execute the tools the psychologist has taught you to overcome it. Although each counsellor has their own methods and box of tools, they all have the same goal, which is to help you or your loved one to recover from their addiction and enjoy a sober life.

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