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Marriage Therapy Sydney CBD

What to Expect from Relationship, Couples, Marriage, or Pre Marriage Therapy in the Sydney CBD

Relationship therapy in the Sydney CBD isn’t something that’s likely to excite you. However, sometimes, it’s necessary for helping couples resolve problems and revitalise their emotional or physical connection. If the idea of therapy seems stressful to you, knowing what to expect when you participate in these sessions can help you relax and achieve the best possible outcome.

The Purpose of Marriage Therapy in the Sydney CBD

Couples counselling seems simple on the surface: you book a session if your relationship is in trouble to get help dealing with your issues. That’s true in a nutshell, but the experience is a little more complicated than that. For example, how do you know when your problems have grown to the point that you need outside help to work through them? One tip-off is if your arguments about little things quickly escalate into larger, nastier fights. Another is if your relationship feels stale or if you don’t feel close or connected as a couple anymore. Sometimes, the decision is easy; there may be an issue you cannot see eye to eye on, such as children, money, or infidelity. The purpose of therapy is to provide you with a neutral mediator who can help you simplify the issue, communicate effectively, and find real solutions so that you can move forward together.

Be Prepared to Answer a Few Basic Questions

When you arrive for couples therapy in the Sydney CBD, the counsellor will likely ask you some fundamental questions such as, “Why are you here?” This question may sound very simple, but it’s worth taking the time beforehand to prepare your answer. If you have been unhappy as a couple for several years, it can be tricky to narrow it down to one or two issues. Talk with your partner about what the core problems are and be prepared to explain them to your therapist. However, there’s no need to worry too much about this; part of the benefit you’ll receive from therapy is the chance to talk through your problems and learn what’s underneath. You may be surprised to find that the real problem isn’t what you thought it was.

It May Be Uncomfortable – But It’s Worth It

Dealing with problems isn’t usually fun. Dealing with problems you share with another person can be even less fun. Sensitive issues will come to light. Although this process can be painful, it’s necessary and ultimately helpful in helping you restore your closeness. Be prepared for some uncomfortable feelings; you may even argue, which is fine – your therapist can act as a mediator and help you cope with your emotions. If you expect awkward conversations, they won’t catch you off-guard as much. Go in with an open mind and be ready to discuss your thoughts and feelings honestly for the best results.

Where to Find Marriage or Pre Marriage Therapy in the Sydney CBD

If you’re looking for relationship, marriage, or pre marriage counselling, contact Tom Gross. Tom has been helping couples resolve their issues and learn healthy communication skills for nearly 30 years. Whether you have just noticed that you seem to be growing apart or you have been dealing with major issues for years, couples counselling with Tom Gross may provide you with the real solutions you need.

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