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Depression Psychologist Sydney

Does Your Loved One Need To See a Depression Psychologist in Sydney?

Depression is an ailment that is growing due to the demands of today’s fast paced life. In a digitally connected world, it is often becoming harder and more complicated for us to have intimate relationships and real-life social situations that enrich us emotionally.  At times, unfortunate events such as death and loss or a sudden undesirable change can leave us in a depressed mental state.

Prolonged feelings of sadness and a change in overall mental wellbeing may not be normal. If you suspect that a loved one is going through intense feelings of sadness or guilt, that is affecting his/her normal life, they might be depressed. Depression most often needs professional intervention and help. In such situations, it is best to see a depression psychologist in Sydney.

Often, depression can be triggered at old age due to loneliness, illness or other factors. Depression affects every age group and is not only common in adults but also in children and teenagers. Signs of chronic depression should not be ignored. Depression is often accompanied by visible symptoms such as restlessness, hopelessness, inability to concentrate, irritability, fatigue or a feeling that life is suddenly not worthwhile anymore.  Depression may lead to substance abuse and reckless behaviour, which can worsen over time and lead to other complications.

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